Goyer Set to Rescue Superman?

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A few weeks back, we brought you news that Christopher Nolan has agreed to play godfather to Warner Bros.’ upcoming reboot of the Superman reboot.

We’re still not sure exactly how hands-on his mentor role will be, but we do know this: screenwriter David Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins) has been tapped to write the script.

Goyer’s involvement sure bodes well for the nearly defunct franchise. The studio’s last big budget attempt at Superman (2006’s Superman Returns) glory failed to soar, in fact, it belly flopped. Goyer, who was also behind the story of 2008’s The Dark Knight, could be just the man to restore some dignity to an otherwise meek superhero film history.

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We knew Goyer had stepped down from his writing gig on ABC’s FlashForward to “focus on his movie career,” but we had assumed that meant he was headed back to Gotham. Looks like he’ll make a stop in Metropolis first.

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Aside from Goyer’s involvement, we know a few other things about the film. LatinoReview.com is reporting that the film will be titled The Man of Steel and that Goyer’s plot will take us back to the John Byrne age. Gold Star! Also, we hear that Brandon Routh is out. (Good.) Nicholas Cage is not even close. (Sweet Jesus, thank you.) And Bryan Singer will not be in the director’s chair. (Tears of joy.)

Sounds like we may finally have a Superman film worth seeing. It’s about time.