New Karate Kid Trailer: Jackie Chan Shows Pity on the American

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I know there’s been some discontent about the new Karate Kid reboot, particularly surrounding the release of the teaser a little while back.

Well, the new trailer is officially out in the open (see it in full here), and I kind of like the whole premise. A boy out of his element, bullied into seeking revenge, seeks refuge in the martial arts only to learn a whole new way of looking at life. Sounds just like The Karate Kid to me, instead of a white New Jersey boy relocating to Los Angeles, it’s a black American kid trekking all the way to China. Jackie Chan takes the place of Pat Morita. Will Smith’s son gets the starring role. I liked the boy in The Pursuit of Happyness. It all sounds great to me.

Favorite moment of the trailer though: The coat trick. This is the new wax on, wax off. Coat on, coat off. Maybe I’m a being a little too overtly nostalgic here, but I would sign up to see the movie in a second.