Tron’s Big Unveil: Much Ado About A Film Screening?

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Yesterday, we posted about Tron‘s 25-city wild goose chase via the site

Secret locations were revealed throughout the day and the first fans to arrive received a phone (still not sure why) wallets stuffed with Tron goodies and codes. (Read about the experience of Miss Selector, one Tron fan who got the goods in Paris.) When entered into the site, the codes revealed a piece of the puzzle. Flip them over and you’ve got a chuck of a movie poster. (A let down? Yes.)

(More on Techland: Tron’s Binary Countdown Begins)

Now for the big light at the end of Tron‘s tunnel: Special screening events held in five cities this weekend. Tickets will go on sale (for registered Flynn Lives members only) today for the IMAX theater screenings to be held in New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney and Toronto.

Our bet: They’ll be showing the original Tron and unveil the first trailer in the process.

Was it worth all of the lame scavenging? You tell us.

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