With Three New Clips From Wonderland, Our Alice Exhaustion Sets In

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Get out your looking glass: We’ve got more peeks into Wonderland as Disney’s marketing bonanza continues.

We caught wind of these clips earlier today, and now, I’m wondering what percentage of the film we will have seen by opening night? (Check out all three below, but I’ll warn you: They’re really nothing to get excited over.)

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The bigger question this triple dip of Alice raises concerns just what is going on inside the house of mouse? What’s your strategy here, Disney? Release a thread of empty scenes to bore your potential audience?

Well, it’s working.

Just yesterday, with our heads still spinning from – what? – five trailers, our office received a copy of the Alice In Wonderland game for Wii with – who else? – Johnny Depp on the cover. Hey, wasn’t this story about Alice? ALICE in Wonderland? We know, Depp is in the movie, Tim Burton. He’s probably the reason you made the damn thing in the first place.

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My warning for Disney: You’ve been sprinkling us with photos and clips and yes, it’s impossible not to take notice, but I’m afraid this confetti promo strategy is just going to leave one big mess.