AT&T Chief Says iPad is a “Wi-Fi driven product”

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This is rather interesting but not at all surprising.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson doesn’t expect to see a spike in traffic from the iPad on his crippled network because the device is a “Wi-Fi driven product.”

He makes a valid point about consumers not wanting to tack on an additional subscription though. I mean, who does?

Where do you plan on using it?

AT&T continues to be tight lipped about its iPhone exclusivity contract saying it would be around “for quite some period of time.”

Those of us in NYC and San Francisco should expect noticeable improvements to the network this quarter, says Stephenson. I call bullhonkey.

And then there’s the bit about telecoms moving to tiered data pricing because we’re all such data hogs.

“For the industry, we’ll progressively move toward more of what I call variable pricing so the heavy (use) consumers will pay more than the lower consumers,” Stephenson said.

(via Reuters)