LOST S06E06 E-mail Chain: Have You Seen My Baseball?

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Season 6: Episode 6

I’m back!

Peter “I’ve clearly had too many drinks” Ha: Snooze…Sayid goes bad. Did I really just sit through that?

Allie “Clearly watches LOST” Townsend: An hour of your life that you’ll never get back.

I kind of liked this one. I like bad ass Sayid. I like nice Sayid in post-bomb, pre-crash real time. Team Sayid!

Anyway. I thought the plot was interesting. I feel like we finally got somewhere. I’m just not sure where that is.

PH: Seriously? Did we watch the same episode? Am I losing it?

AT: Were you distracted by something shiny again? Peter…

Seriously, the two groups finally came back together. Everyone knows that John Locke is the smoke monster (Except Jack and Hurley, I’d imagine) and they know that Claire is alive. AND Sun knows that Jin is alive and on the island, too.

Plus, we figure out (well, sort of) why the Samurai temple dude is hanging out there and just why he loved that baseball so much. We also realize that they must have been right about Sayid being occupied by something. Though he did try to kill Locke initially. I’m not sure who he is, I guess.

Oh, the confusion.

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PH: If by shiny you mean booze-y.

What exactly did undead Locke say to Sayid to turn him? It appears that everyone but me was satisfied with this week’s episode.

Also, how did Sayid escape that Japanese Kung Fu grip in the beginning?

AT: Alright, boozy.

Locke told him that he couldn’t have killed him if he wanted to and that Mr. Roboto just wanted to provoke Locke to him Sayid instead. He could have killed Sayid, yes, but didn’t because he watched the baseball fall off the table. (Hint: The baseball reminds him of his son.)

What I’m creeped out about: That damn song. “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket. Save it for a rainy day.” WHAT IS GOING ON? Is everyone possessed by demonic preschoolers?

PH: Don’t be racist, Allie. Mr. Roboto? Samurai? Japanese Kung Fu?

Perry Como is the man.

AT: Huh? Don’t be racist Peter. Not all white people love Perry Como.

Wait, isn’t this supposed to be about LOST?

PH: This discussion is OVER! You clearly don’t watch LOST.

AT: Ahhh. Song reference. Not race reference. (I’m so quick.)

Well. That was fun.

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