Christmas In March: Mega Shark From Santa, Giant Octopus From Us

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If you don’t live in sunny Los Angeles or New Mexico, then you’re probably feeling a lot like we are: Sick of the drab gray of winter, annoyed with the weather (today we’re supposedly getting inundated with a slushy mess in NYC).

But never fear, loyal Techland viewer, this is your lucky day. It’s Christmas in March. And we’ve got a shiny new present for you:

I am giddy with excitement. Yes that’s a giant octopus. Yes, that’s a shark jumping up to take a bite out of the Golden Gate Bridge. Yes, the movie’s called Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.

Oh, and if you didn’t get a good enough look at that shark taking flight, here’s a better angle:

You can actually buy this movie. And rent it. And stream it through Netflix. Right now.

So why are you still working? Slip on some headphones, close your office door, place your bets: Razor-sharp teeth versus sprawling tentacles. I’m going with the latter.

And if anyone gives you crap, just tell them you’re celebrating your religion. Christmas in March.

You’re welcome.

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