Tron Trailer: Your Reason To Get To Alice On Time

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If you’re planning on seeing Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland this weekend, don’t be late.

The trailer for the upcoming Tron: Legacy will make its official debut during previews for Alice this Friday, March 5, and after all of Disney’s marketing ballyhoo I’d expect this is something any Tron fanboy won’t want to miss. (Hopefully, this will make those who missed out on the exclusive IMAX event last weekend happy.)

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To punctuate the long-awaited trailer, Disney has been dripping out photos to tease us with. Though the first two didn’t give us much, today’s shot reveals the interior to Flynn’s Arcade, now seemingly shut down.

Other Tron news points us to an upcoming animated TV series and theme park announcements. According to Collider, a computer animated Tron ‘toon will head to the screen in 2011 or 2012, airing on ABC or Disney XD, depending of course, on how Legacy performs at the box office.

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As for the theme park talk, Disney will apparently build on their Tron hype by converting parts of both Disneyland and Disney World into Tron Wonderland. Apparently, execs are considering an attraction inside the Tomorrowland attraction and we could see a Flynn’s Arcade pop up.

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