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Monday, Mar. 8, 2010

Today in Techland: Were you one of about a bajillion folks to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland this weekend? Even if you weren’t, check out this week’s Freeze Frame which focuses in on Johnny Depp’s amazing Mad Hatter performance.

We also mapped out this week’s must-haves in comics, nursed our Oscar hangover and played a hell of a lot of God of War lll. Happy Monday, fellow nerds.

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

It’s Little Red Riding Hood Off: Geek dream Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog) and Amanda Seyfried (Mean Girls, Jennifer’s Body) are both starring in adaptations of fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Seyfried has been chosen to star in Catherine Hardwick’s gothic version of the story, which apparently features a romance in the center of a group of Wolf hunters vs. Wolves. On the other end, Day will star on the small screen as Syfy’s Red in a story where her fiance is bitten by a werewolf and at the insistence of his family, must be put to death. Hmm. Love and werewolves? Well, if you must. Hardwick’s film has yet to be given the green light by the studio and Syfy claims that we’ll see Day all dressed up in Red sometime in 2011.

Touche: HP has made a habit of attempting to one-up Apple’s iPad announcements/promos by releasing their own information on the Slate just after. So of course, after last night’s iPad commercial debut, HP was at it again with the inaugural Slate video. (I especially like the way they’re dangling the Flash support right in front of Apple’s nose.) Check it out below:

Meanwhile, Apple is still getting lots of love: Curious about gaming specs for the iPad? Kotaku dug up this little gem  today: Apparently, the iPad will support up to 11 multi-touch inputs. Ooo.

Team Walter! FOX announced today that it will renew Fringe for a third season, which means that I will get another year full of the awesomeness that is Walter Bishop.

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