Comics on Our Pull List 3/10/10

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PunisherMax #5
I think I’ve been predictable enough to put all five issues of this series on my pull list posts. I can’t apologize for it. This character study of the Kingpin has been on point. The pace is perfect and it’s punctuated by scenes of intense violence that only Big Pun could deliver. This issue marks the end of the arc and I can’t help but feel there’s still much to wrap up. Especially after Frank got the stuffing beat out of him by that Amish guy last month.

Batman and Robin #10
I can’t make up my mind about the character Damian. On one hand he’s been trained since birth by assassins. On the other hand he’s ten years old. Which makes me wonder, no matter how devious and scheming this Robin may be, how much trouble can he really cause? I guess we’ll find out in this new arc called Batman vs Robin.

DMZ #51
I’m consistently amazed at the number of stories that the setting in DMZ generates. As a New Yorker I’m drawn to the book for very touristy reasons. I never would have thought that 50 issues later I would still be reading the exploits of an embedded journalist in a war zone. It’s a tremendous book and I’m looking forward to the start of this next arc.

Powers #3
Between the five page shag scene in issue number one and the towering nazi robots in issue two what is not to love in this volume of Powers? The murder mystery of the dead war hero, Z, continues to unfold. I just want to see more of these dirtbag war powers kicking Nazi tail and knocking over casinos.

Superman the Last Son of New Krypton #1
For this week’s #1 issue I’m going to go with this New Krypton follow up series. Braniac wants the bottle city of Kandor back in its bottle. Zod’s got a plan to stop him but check this, it’s an evil plan. That means it’s up to Marching Band Uniform Superman to stop him. I didn’t love the New Krypton storyline but I’m willing to give the next chapter a chance anyway.