So I Was Delivered A Heart On Ice in the Mail…

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I keep digging around, and I suddenly find this:

It’s pretty nasty, and I almost chuck the whole thing away. Then I pick up the heart and discover something:

Yeah, that’s a seam. In the heart. I reach inside:

Peter pops the discovery into his computer:

These are dossiers of people who are already on the run from the Repo Men…daring you to track them down at

There are four contestants, who have dropped off the grid, and you are challenged with tracking them down to repossess their unpaid organs. Last month, Peter even said he was going to give it a go, and attempt to disappear.

It’s a devious concept for a marketing campaign, but then again it’s a pretty shrewd idea for a movie thriller – and yes, admittedly pretty similar to the cult hit Repo! the Genetic Opera. But it’s still enough to get me revved for this rather black thriller. I think I’m going to start hunting today…

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