Hybrid Dream Monsters: Dinosharks and Chim-Pand-Eagles and Bearotaurs, Oh My!

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My brother was visiting from Michigan last weekend. We were up in Vermont, on something of a group ski weekend. And we were very, very drunk. And giggling about Dinoshark – the new Syfy movie by Roger Corman that premieres Saturday (we’ll have a review Friday).

Yes, that’s Dinoshark, half-dinosaur, half-shark. Not to be confused with Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus. Which we also watched this weekend. A productive weekend indeed.

With all this Dinoshark and flying shark insanity, we started hunting around the web for more, and found this brainstorm of nine awesome, utterly insane, hybrid monsters over at Uproxx. All worthy of discussion. And it was just too hilarious not to pass on.

My personal favorite this morning: The Chim-Pand-Eagle (pictured above). Seriously, if that thing came flying/growling/grunting at you, you would tap your inner sprinter and get as far away as possible.

But late Saturday night, buzzed and contemplative, it was the Bearotaur that gripped our foggy imaginations. A bear galloping at you, all the way through Narnia. He would destroy you. Behold:

I thought the morning star was a nice touch. Nice and classy.

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