LOST S06E07 E-mail Chain: Daddy?

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Well kids, unfortunately for you, I’m the Techlander who has been faithfully watching the last season of LOST. And because our fearless leader Peter Ha is missing once again, you’ll have to pretend that you like me enough to read my commentary. Muhaha.

Let’s do this.

So, we got a little peek into the world of Ben Linus in No-Crashland. And because LOST likes to choke us with fables about the choices we make in life, we learn that he’s not the power-hungry little weasel we think he is. He’s just a vulnerable dork who just wanted things to operate according to his standard of what’s right. So we get a school sex scandal and a look at other-reality Alex. Linus does the right thing and puts her ahead of his desire for power. Meanwhile, on-island Linus confesses his regret for killing Jacob. There are tears and talk of how his life was wasted. Ilana talks about how Jacob was like the only father she ever knew. Everyone on this freaking island has some serious daddy issues.

Think about it: Jack, Locke, Kate, Ilana, Claire… The list could go on. (What’s next? Are we going to find out later that everyone has the same secret fetish for Celine Dion? Matching belly buttons?)

So, Richard is freakishly immortal. And now Jack is too? So who is invincible? We learned there are six candidates left to become the new Jacob and I’m guessing they’re all just as dynamite-proof as Jack. Is this show going to go all Tuck Everlasting on us?

Jack: Stay with me, Kate! Forever!

Kate: But I’ll have no idea what I want until the last three minutes of the finale!

My guess? It all comes down to Jack or Sawyer. One of them will have to stay on the island. The other will go with Kate. (Does Joey love Dawson or Pacey??)

Seriously, this was one hell of a trip to take just to sort out a love triangle and a little land conservation. Ugh. I can’t wait for Hot Tub Time Machine

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