Panel of the Week 3/10/10

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I really could have gone with five panels from PunisherMax or Batman and Robin or Batgirl this week but it was just the same old awesomeness from a month ago. Let’s get into some new stuff. Some talkin’ rhinos and cyborg zombie killers, shall we? It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Elephantmen 24
Elephantmen #24
I’ll admit it, I’m late to the Elephentmen party. It’s one of those books that’s on everyone’s pull list but mine. The premise is a bit silly but the right mix of Dashiell Hammett makes it work. You get panels like this one almost every issue. I look at a scene like this and all I can think of is Barry White. Barry has just got to be playing in the background. Is that a robe or a Kimono? I pray it’s the latter.

Deus Ex Machina #48
Deus Ex Machina #48
When you see a guy getting his head slammed into a table this hard you know it won’t end well. I just can’t help but think that those giant equalizer boards are just hundreds of little knobs. Wouldn’t that just hurt so much more? It’s probably like slipping and landing on your keys. Probably.

Powers #3
I am enjoying the detective story that is the main plot of this volume of Powers. However, I just can’t help but want to hear more about the Flying Eagles that operated during World War II. You’d think I’d have had enough of that with all the Cap and Invaders and The Twelve stories floating around out there but here we are. Take a character like Billy Mace here, it’s almost 70 years later and he’s still stomping baddies with that electric Louisville.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8
The last time we saw the Serpent Squad was in the pages of Ultimate Power where they were lovingly traced by Greg Land. At that time they were battling the Fantastic Four and if I remember correctly they were apprehended? I suppose during the events of Ultimatum these five snake-themed zealots managed to escape. This is a team that was made to be cannon fodder. What’s interesting about this panel is what is in the background. The secret vault in this military base has what looks like an Infinity Guantlet and maybe a cosmic cube? Is there an Ultimate Thanos out there somewhere?

ZVR Aventure #2
ZVR Aventure #2
Look, it’s real simple. There are zombies and there are robots and sometimes these two groups mix it up. There’s not a lot of pretext in the pages of ZVR. Just go with it. So if you’re a human and you’re putting together a cyborg enhanced anti-zombie team who do you put on it? Well you should certainly have an impossible pile of jubblies in platform heels swinging around a howitzer. Enter the Black Plum. That’s her name.