Things I Didn’t Know Existed Until Today: iPad Camera Connection Kit

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So I was talking to my brother the other day about pre-ordering the iPad, which I didn’t do, and he mentioned this SD card adapter that he was going to buy. I thought he was talking about ZoomIt, but it turns out that Apple is making a camera adapter for the iPad. My brother claims that it was announced during the iPad press conference and I adamantly denied any such announcement since, you know, I was actually there.

Low and behold, I navigate to the Apple site and it’s there along with the rest of the iPad accessories. Did I really miss this during the press conference or did Apple slip this in under the radar? Wonder if it’ll work with the iPhone? Will it work through the Photos app or is Apple going to implement iPhoto on the iPad?

Unlike every other iPad accessory from Apple this one isn’t up for pre-order. It’s not clear if you get both adapters (USB, SD) or if they’ll be sold separately, but I’m banking on the latter.