March Madness: It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

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Welcome to the showdown, folks.

Who will take the top prize as the most villainous super villain in TECHLAND’s March Madness tournament? Are the raptors from Jurassic Park clever enough to defeat the Smoke Monster from LOST in their first round match? Is Doctor Horrible horrible enough to take on Mordred? Can Lucy Van Pelt topple the likes of Magneto and Darkseid? We think Blinky has the moves to take on M. Bison, but you tell us.

Click on the photo below to enlarge or get the printable PDF version here.

We’ve intentionally left each “villain” unranked, as they’re equally dastardly. Our tournament will run the same as the NCAA basketball tournament with the first round matches set for Thursday and Friday.

Did we miss anyone? Is there a Cinderalla amongst the 64? Wagers on who will take the whole enchilada? Check back on Thursday at 11AM ET for half of the first round matches.