Comics on Our Pull List 3/17/10

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Here’s what I’m picking up this week on my Wednesday pilgrimage. Vampires, Barbarians, and Lanterns oh my! I got my weekly number one in there as well, it’s everyone’s favorite scrappy Logan clone. Check back on Thursday to see if any of these books are good for the Panel of the Week!

Siege #3
At this point I’m pretty committed. I own every issue of every event leading up to this: Secret War, House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, and now Siege. If I were to stop now it would be like not paying to see the River when I have barely a blind left in front of me. It helps that Siege has been halfway decent. I complained that issue number two felt rushed but then I realized that it’s OK. If all of those events I just listed were only four issues I probably would have liked all of them a ton more. This issue could be the best of the series as it was set up to be the part of the big battle where Cap shows up. We’ll see.

American Vampire #1
The pop culture bastardization of the classic vampire is very much in vogue. American Vampire features at least one fanger that is “powered by the sun”. This makes me nervous. All I can think about is Edward the sparkling vampire from Twilight. The real reason I’m giving this title a shot is because Rafael Albuquerque is drawing the pictures. I suppose the fact that Stephen King is associated is cool but I haven’t read King since I gave up on the Gunslinger in the middle of book four.

Green Lantern Corps #46
I’m sad to see the Red Lantern Guy Gardener go. Sure, he was a one trick pony with the vomiting red spikes and what not but c’mon! Two rings? This should have been the saved for the fight against Nekron that is coming in this issue of the Corps. Let’s also not forget that the big bright shining star (planet) of this fight has been Mogo. I really hope that they send him to Earth with the rest of the Lanterns for the big fight.

Joe the Barbarian #3
I was upset to learn that the events of this book are likely the delusional fantasy of a young man who didn’t take his insulin. I guess I was hoping that this was going to go more the route of the Never Ending Story where a young loser is tapped to save a fantasy world with nothing more than emo sensibilities and a naive world view. Atreyu was total tool but Falcor has got nothing on Chakk the samurai rat.

X-23 #1
For this week’s issue number one, I like X-23. She’s already had her own limited series and it was forgettable. Something about being exploited by a covert agency as a custom built Wolverine clone, yadda yadda yadda. This new series is promising to well, deliver more of the same, but there will be a great guest star, Nyx. Remember the quasi-homeless rave kid who can stop time? Yeah, her. It’s worth a shot.

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