Mark Millar and Kick-Ass 2: Will Be Very, Very Dark

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Last night, we posted our first (spoiler-free) Kick-Ass review – our first glance at one of the darker and more interesting superhero thrillers of recent memory. I don’t think I’ll be ruining much if I tell you it ends on an ambiguous note that leaves wide open the possibility for a sequel.

But that being said, it’s not a preposterous final note – as we’ve seen with so many other franchise vehicles. It’s a believable denouement that is at once fulfilling and yet open-ended. It leaves you actually wanting more. (More at Techland: The red band Kick-Ass trailers)

Well over at Coming Soon, Christopher Mintz-Plasse – who plays the stylish, but stilted, Red Mist in the movie – let slip that not only is a sequel likely, but that production may be underway in short order, in a bid to have something worth showing at July’s Comic-Con. “Last night at the Q ‘n’ A, someone asked Johnny (Romita Jr.) if they’re going to have some stuff from Kick-Ass 2 at Comic-Con and they said, ‘Yes,’ which means they’re going to get started on it, which is exciting,” Mintz-Plasse told Coming Soon. “I met up with Mark actually a few months ago and we had a couple drinks and he told me it was going to be great, and he wants it to be very, very dark is what he’s thinking.” (More at Techland: Check out our complete Mark Millar interview)

Given how dark Kick-Ass skews in moments, Mintz-Plasse’s comments leave us wondering just how much darker Millar and director Matthew Vaughn can take the whole thing. Then again, given the emotional weight of Kick-Ass, and how much Vaughn is able to wring out of this story thanks to its heavier emphasis violence, and serious emotions, this could mean a Kick-Ass 2 that is even more memorable than its predecessor.

And just think for a moment about how dark The Dark Knight was. Dark, as far as I’m concerned, equals serious, and credible. Dark = legit…the reasons we read comics in the first place. It’s not all supposed to look like Spider-Man 3:

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