Meet Captain America: Chris Evans (Johnny Storm)

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There’s been plenty of speculation and trepidation, but now it looks like it’s official: We have a big-screen Captain America.

The Hollywood Reporter has all but proclaimed Chris Evans as the winner of the great Captain America casting call. Evans played Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, and also had memorable roles in Sunshine and Cellular. I have no real thoughts about the chap one way or another. He’s a pretty-boy who can command the screen, with some superhero thrills on his resume. I would have preferred someone with some solid acting chops. I personally loved the calls for Jon Hamm to be given the gig.

But no doubt he would have wanted more money, and perhaps even a little more control, than Evans. Unnamed sources told THR that the negotiations went quick; the studio was eager, the actor was giddy, and now they’ve paired up to plunge deep into the Captain America universe. The contracts are reportedly almost signed and sealed. So now prepare to hear a whole lot more about Chris Evans: movie star.

Kudos sir, but we still have our doubts. How about the rest of you? Casting goldmine, or blunder?

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