Comics on Our Pull List 3/24/10

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Have you had enough Mark Millar yet? Have you? Well, get ready for the next wave of Millar-ness because Nemesis drops this week and I can’t wait. Seriously, is it Wednesday yet? There’s also a ton of Siege related titles dropping this week but the event book to look for is going to be Green Lantern, or should I say WHITE Lantern? There’s also Origins and Supergods and murder mysteries so check back on Thursday to see if any of these great titles made our Panel of the Week.

Nemesis #1
This book is from the creative team behind Civil War and Old Man Logan. That team is writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven. This book could be about almost anything and I will buy it. That being said this book’s premise is what if a Bruce Wayne or a Tony Stark was a super criminal instead of a hero. I share some other readers trepidation when it comes to this team being able to deliver on any kind of schedule. I should wait for the trade on this but there’s no chance. This will be the first book I read tomorrow.

Green Lantern #52
In a comic rack sagging with the weight of Event tie-ins it is nice to see at least one that is worth while. Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps have been the highlight of the Blackest Night story line and now that Blackest Night number seven is out the action is really ramping up. Making Sinestro the White Lantern was certainly unexpected and I’m very much looking forward to how writer Geoff Johns handles this anti-hero. Maybe we’ll even get some panels that have fewer than 27 characters in them.

Supergod #3
This series has been setting up a version of the Cold War that features super humans. That is a plot we’ve seen many times before but I think that with Ellis at the wheel this book will be much different. It will at least be hyper violent and downright weird. There’s still something to be said for a book where I have no idea where it will go.

X-Men Origins Nightcrawler #1
I’ve never been a huge fan of Nightcrawler. I don’t know if it’s his accent or his Churchiness but I never got behind him. As cool as teleportation is I don’t think using it as a fighting style translates well on the page. On the big screen it was pretty cool, I will admit that. I will be picking up this book really just to support Cary Nord who is my favorite Conan artist of all time. Nord did a turn on Ultimate Human that was OK, not great. I’m hoping ‘crawler will be the Nord that I know and love.

Shuddertown #1
I’m reading another detective book called Stumptown right now. Of course, the delivery schedule on that title is so hosed that I couldn’t tell you what’s going on. Detective stories usually require the reader to keep a lot of plot points up in the air. This is a lot to ask of us in a monthly format. For this week’s “Issue Number One” I’m going to jump into another mystery with Shuddertown #1. The solits tell me that if I love The Wire (and I do, I really do) then I will love Shuddertown. Apparently, there’s been a murder! Looking at the four page preview I think I like what I see from artist Adam Geen.