LOST S06E09 E-mail Chain: Where The Hell Are We?

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Season 6: Episode 9

Allie “Loves LOST” Townsend: Holy back story, Batman.

So, the island contains a balance between good and evil. Evil cannot escape to spread as long as good survives to keep it there. That evil is indeed the smoke monster. Cool.

Peter “Never misses an episode” Ha: Last night’s episode is exactly why I love to hate LOST. It was absolutely incredible. The play between good and evil was clever, smart and totally out of the blue. The wine bottle metaphor was brilliant. I can’t stop thinking about what happened.

AT: I really like Richard’s back story. I feel like this is the biggest episode for us so far this season. We know that the Black Rock crashed because Jacob brought it there. We know that Richard was on the ship. Really interesting.

My favorite was the proof that the smoke monster is still the same being inside John Locke. The line, “It’s nice to see you out of chains,” think back to earlier this season. Locke says the same thing to Richard on the beach. And that dagger. It’s clear that it holds some sort of significance and has the power to kill the smoke monster, and perhaps even Jacob, or who ever took his place.

And then there was Richard’s theory that everyone on the island was actually dead, and sent there to prove themselves, to start over with a clean slate. The island can help them avoid hell? Hmmm. Now that’s interesting.

PH: I can’t believe you remember that, Allie! Gold star.

That dagger has some sort of power but what, I don’t know.

I’m actually looking forward to next week’s episode now. Evil totally shattered that bottle of wine and it’s obviously not a good thing. I have a goosebumps.

But they’re not in hell, right? Or are they? It seems quite obvious but I’m still a bit confused about it.

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