One Man’s App-inion: For 99 Cents, The Price Is Right’s Price Is Right

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The Price is Right 2010 is an iPhone app that came out about a month ago. You can currently get your hands on it for 99 cents “for a Limited time,” according to the app page. You can tell that’s important because they capitalized “limited” and put not one, but two asterisks on either side of the sentence. Don’t take this news lightly, in other words.

I downloaded the app this morning using my own money. I have no intent to submit it as a work-related expense to Time Inc. because they’d be like, “The new guy wants a dollar back for some reason.”

The game is fun! The fact that it costs 99 cents helps, but it’s a good time-waster nonetheless. You create your own character, bid on items against the three other yayhoos in Contestants’ Row, and then if you’re the closest without going over, you play a pricing game. Just like how the actual show works. You can play alone against computer contestants or with up to three other real-life people. There’s no online play, though.

My first go-round found me on stage after a few tries. I played “Golden Road” and made it all the way to the last prize, which was a new car that I didn’t win. Spinning the Big Wheel netted me 50 cents plus 75 cents. That’s no way to make it to the Showcase Showdown. I’ll keep trying, though.

If you like The Price is Right and you have a dollar, you’ll like this game. The graphics are pretty good, the audio comes straight from the actual show’s announcer (Rich? His name is Rich, right? Rod Roddy’s replacement.), and products are represented in little video windows that appear to be taken directly from the TV episodes, which is a nice touch. Drew Carey is nowhere to be found. It’s just you and Rich. His name is Rich, right? Yes, Rich Fields.