A Roundup of iPad Content Pricing

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The launch of Apple’s iPad is upon us and over the last few weeks we’ve seen more and more “details” pop up over the hyped tablet. Here’s a quick rundown of what you may or may not have missed.

Pricing: Apple is pricing iBooks to match Amazon’s Kindle pricing. 27 out of the 32 eBooks from the NYT Bestsellers section are priced at $9.99. I may have to learn to read now.

Free Books: Who doesn’t like free stuff? It’s unclear how many titles from the Gutenberg Project will be available in the iBookstore, but we now know that free books will be available for download through the iPad’s online bookstore.

HD iPad Games?: The chaps at PadGadget did a little digging around and found a slew of video games listed with the “HD” moniker leading many on the Interwebs to believe these are iPad specific games. Apple has since removed said titles from the online iTunes preview site.

• Ammoin HD
• Azkend HD
• Flight Control HD
• Grind HD
• HD Recovery
• Labyrinth 2 HD
• NBA Hotshot HD
• Numba HD
• Plants vs. Zombie HD
• Sparkle HD
• Worms HD

Magazines & Newspapers: The WSJ scooped itself the other day and revealed that they’ll be charging $17.99/month for the Journal.

The report also revealed that Hearst’s Esquire will release its April issue shortly after the launch date with music videos from five singer-songwriters that are profiled in the latest issue. Said music videos will contain original songs with the phrase “somewhere in Mississippi” in the lyrics. Pricing could be $2.99 for the iPad version sans advertisements.

Procter & Gamble is picking up the tab for Rodale’s Men’s Health by offering 10 free pages from the April and May iPad issues. You’ll have to shell out $4.99 for the iPad version.

Sports Illustrated is said to be showing off three variants that are focused heavily on video ads, including a Ford Mustang ad with an embedded arcade driving game utilizing the iPad’s accelerometer. You might also be able to pick colors and wheels for said Mustang on the iPad. It may or may not look like this.

TIME will supposedly run ads from Toyota, Fidelity Investments, Unilever and three unannounced advertisers in the first eight issues available on the iPad. Each company is said to have paid $200,000 for eight single page ads each.

Condé Nast’s Wired is said to be offering advertisers oodles of video “and other extra features” if they agree to an 8-page buy.