Best Buy Selling The iPad, Too

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  • Read Later is reporting that Best Buy will be the only other retailer to sell Apple’s iPad on launch day, April 3rd.

Some details, for your infotainment:

1. It will only be sold at Best Buy locations that have special “store-within-a-store” Apple sections. So if your local Best Buy has a section that’s blindingly white like a Colgate model’s teeth, it’ll probably be selling the iPad.

2. The iPad will not be sold online at on launch day.

3. Best Buy stores will be open regular hours on launch day. No early openings. No midnight madness. Nothing like that.

4. There will apparently be four iPad demo units on display. All three Wi-Fi models and then a fourth mystery model which MacRumors guesses it might be a Wi-Fi/3G version used to demonstrate what’s coming at the end of April.

5. Two notebooks and an iMac will be either moved or removed to make way for the iPad demo units. I suggest that you show up and complain loudly. “What about people who want to buy an iMac? What are we, chopped liver? It’s like you moved two notebooks and an iMac to make way for these iPads!”