Litetouch Keyboard Features Programmable LCD Touch Panel

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Mad Catz’ Eclipse Litetouch keyboard sports a 3-in-1 LCD touch panel where you’d normally find the number pad. And while one of the three modes is indeed the tried-and-true number pad, you can quickly toggle to a media-centric mode or to a programmable “MyEclipse” mode.

MyEclipse mode features “12 pre-defined icons covering topics such as shopping, finance, health and entertainment,” to which you can assign your favorite websites for quick-launch access to those particular topics. There are also five additional open buttons that you can use for whatever’s not covered by the readily-available icons.


There are two versions of the keyboard, a $100 wired model and a $130 wireless model. Both are listed as coming soon although there doesn’t appear to be an official launch date yet. The keyboard just cleared FCC testing, though, so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.