PAX East 2010: We’re Here!

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Team Techland (me and Doug) are posted up at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston waiting for Wil Wheaton’s keynote that’s slated to start at 3PM ET. No More Kings’ “Sweep the Leg” is currently blasting over the PA system. We dig it.

A few things:

• Our live blog of Wheaton’s keynote will be light since we’re videotaping the whole thing and will post later today or early tomorrow.

• We will also be videotaping the PA panel and that will be up later tonight or early tomorrow.

• Doug and I will be hitting the show floor hard tomorrow, so expect a ton of hands-on videos of a variety of games over the course of the next few days (Saturday – Tuesdayish).

We’ll be back in 30+ minutes once the keynote starts. There was one guy with a knitted Mega Man beanie that was ridiculously awesome, but he was too fast for me to capture.

Let us know if there’s something specific you’d like us to check out.

The Rules of PAX (click to enlarge)

Here we go!

“This keynote has been rated A for Awesome.”

“Welcome home.”

“168,000 of us have attended PAX in Seattle.”

“I could have started this off by saying, “I’m Wil Wheaton and Jack Thompson can suck my balls haawwdd.””

“But nobody gives a shit about Jack Thompson. He’s been disbarred. He was wrong about us.”

The level of nerddom here at PAX is pretty astonishing. I’m clearly not as nerdy as I thought I was. I bow down before thee nerds and Wil Wheaton. I have much to learn. Hell, I might even learn how to play D&D this weekend. We’ll have the full keynote up later, folks.

To the Rock Band and Guitar Hero haters: “don’t be a dick.”

“I need Richard Dreyfuss behind me doing voice-overs.”

“James Cameron can’t tell a story to save his life.”

“Conventions are the original social media.”

“When E3 sucked so very hard…”

“For the love of the flying spaghetti monster or whatever deity of your choice, please do these three things:

• Take a shower every day
• Wash your hands frequently
• Don’t be a dick.”