Hive Mind: What We’re Looking Forward To In April

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March seemed to drag on forever, no? But it sure was packed full of kick-ass items of nerdery.

Not a whole lot going on in gadgetry, but HTC did announce the EVO 4G for Sprint. It has a kickstand, people! We picked the 10 best camera apps for the iPhone. Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation Move.

Speaking of video games. So God of War III came out. How awesome was that? Tycho and Gabe had a successful PAX East launch with Wil Wheaton kicking things off. Hank Chien of NYC now holds the world record for Donkey Kong. I wonder how Billy Mitchell reacted to that.

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim will hit the big screen later this year, but we got our first glimpse of things to come and it’s Dy-No-Mite. Ubisoft is publishing a Scott Pilgrim game, too. Hmm. Lev and Mike had a few sit-downs with the dynamic duo behind Kick-Ass. It kicked ass.

Chris Evans will dawn the red, white and blue in the upcoming Captain America flick. He should probably do his homework first. The same goes for Christopher Nolan since, you know, the Superman franchise is pretty dead in the water. OMG OMG OMG. Did you see the new Tron Legacy trailer? Iron Man 2?

And who will reign supreme in our first annual Monster Madness? Lucy had a good run.

With the turning of the calendar to April, we can only hope warmer weather is on the way. I think we’re all sick of the Wintery leftovers. So here’s what the Hive Mind at Techland is looking forward to in April.