doubleTwist: An iTunes-like Portal To The Android Market

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You’d think Google would have come out with a desktop app for viewing apps in the Android Market but if that were the case then I’d point my finger and laugh at you. doubleTwist announced today that they’ve updated their media syncing software for Android users with the aforementioned feature for Mac with a Windows update coming soon.

doubleTwist’s offering is a decent one given the fact that there isn’t a desktop app for the Android Market at the moment. It’s not perfect, though. You can’t actually download any of the apps through doubleTwist, but you can scan the QR code with your Android-based device to retrieve apps. Despite being able to actually search through the Market through doubleTwist, the Market isn’t categorized aside from those that are Featured, Top Paid or Top Free. Can’t win em all. doubleTwist also launched a web-based version today that can be found here.

OTA downloads are said to be in the works with a possible launch by the summer, says Monique Farantzos, doubleTwist co-founder. *Crosses fingers*