Charlie Sheen is Lex Luthor: How Will Superman Ever Beat This Hairdo!

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Every superhero needs his villains, and we’ve alread learned that the upcoming Superman reboot is going to feature two baddies: Both Lex Luthor and Brainiac.

Well today Christopher Nolan dropped another bombshell: Just as he reached out to Heath Ledger to shake up the popular conception of the Joker in the Batman franchise, he is now reaching out to a most unlikely pop culture personality to give us a Lex Luthor unlike anything we’ve ever seen before: Sheen. Charlie Sheen. The suave, wacky TV star of the moment who’s pretty good with the sarcasm and soft on the eyes.

Now I’m sure Sheen’s a nice guy and all but really? Lex Luthor? I have a hard time imagining Sheen laughing maniacally in the background, deriding the Man of Steel. Or busting out the kryptonite. Or losing that iconic little smirk. (What’s Sheen always smiling about anyway??)

And there are even rumors floating around out there that he’s not going to have to go bald for the part. Wha?!! Has Nolan lost his mind?

Then again, I had my doubts about Two-Face in The Dark Knight, and Nolan pulled that off. And I thought Memento sounded stupid, and Nolan hooked me from the outset.

I guess the moral of the story here is to never question a genius: Charlie Sheen is in, and Nolan surely has his reasons.