Michael Cera, One Lucky SOB, Cast As The Riddler

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Riddle me this: How in the world did Michael Cera – the geeky boy from Juno and Superbad – get cast as The Riddler? Yes, that’s the Riddler as in the Batman universe, as in the next Christopher Nolan blockbuster.

When I think of the character – perhaps Batman’s best and boldest foe – I think of cackling and conniving. I think of the likes of Jim Carrey and Frank Gorshin, mugging for the cameras and stealing the scene. I think of the word devilish.

So imagine my delight when I heard that Nolan was going to do for the Riddler in the next Batman film what he did for the Joker in the last Batman film. He was going to take the classic character places that we never thought of before; reinventing yet another familiar persona into something electric and new.

But Cera???

Does Michael Cera – Mr. Sweet and Sensitive and Introverted– strike you as the last bit devilish?

Dorky might be more like it.

I’ve been hearing from plenty of concerned Batman fans, that there’s no way the next Christopher Nolan project can match the intensity of the last two. And now on top of those worries comes this scurrilous rumor. Michael Cera as Riddler. Epic fail.