Sam Worthington’s Titans Interview: James Cameron Is ‘Definitely My God’

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Clash of the Titans opened big this weekend – though the box office numbers don’t reflect the mood of moviegoers as they left the theater.

When I interviewed director Louis Leterrier last week, he was convinced that audiences be pretty awestruck by his monsters – particularly the Kraken. And when I saw it, sure enough: I thought the Kraken was the best part. Only problem was the remainder of the film, which felt forced, awkward and strangely uninspired. (Check out my full review)

Well, our colleagues over at sat down with Sam Worthington, in the lead-up to the film’s release, and we thought we’d share some of their Q&A with you. He seems like a good-natured guy, and I guess we’re happy that now he has both an Avatar and a Clash of the Titans victory under his belt. We’re certainly looking forward to what he comes up with next:

Liam Neeson plays Zeus in Clash. That’s a big part — the big-cheese god. He was played by Laurence Olivier in the 1981 original. How does Liam rank?

No offense to Larry, but I’m going with Liam. Look at the guy’s career. It’s the natural progression for him to be the god of gods.

You head to Hades in this film. Do you believe in the afterlife?

I’m not going to say, because if I get up to heaven and there’s a big dude — some 8-ft.-tall guy with a stick — and he says, “You didn’t believe in me, did you, mate?,” I’m screwed. And if I go to hell, I should be O.K., because all my mates will be there with me. But I do believe in something. There has got to be something bigger than us.

That would be James Cameron, right?

He’s definitely my god…

(read the full interview here)