Darth Vader vs. Lex Luthor: Our Monster Madness Championship Match Up

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We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Just as I can remember Duke’s first match on their road to victory in the NCAA, so can I remember those first bouts in Techland’s Monster March Madness.

I picked the winner of that first duel, between Darth Vader and Gort, from The Day the Earth Stood Still, and went on to pick Vader over the Mega Shark / Jaws tag-team, Col. Quaritch from Avatar, and MCP from Tron. This is a half-man, half-machine who just can’t be stopped.

And as for Lex Luthor, what is there to say really? The man’s as vicious and vindictive as they come. He creamed Norman Osborn, then Darkseld, Ra’s al Guhl and even The Kingpin.

And to even think about who would win this bout, how the fiendish would go up against the freakish half-man-half-monster, is kind of a mind-fu**. These are two badass superstars, and if you put them in the ring together, I’d say the most horrifying prospect would be that they would actually get along with one another. They’d stop going at each other, and instead shift their attention to dominating the universe, as father and adopted son. Darth may have had a hard time convincing Luke to embrace his anger, but Lex? Easy peesy.

Thanks for voting for our bracket champion, hope we see you again next year.

Click on the photo to enlarge the bracket or download a printable PDF version here.