Sam & Max Bring Episodic Content to iPad

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Telltale Entertainment’s looking to live up to its name by bringing back one of gaming’s wackiest tag teams for an all-new series of adventures on the iPad.  Sam & Max, best known to gamers for a series of classic LucasArts computer games, will be hitting Apple’s newest portable in “The Penal Zone,” the first episode of the new Devil’s Playhouse adventure.

The story focuses on a cosmic power that Max somehow winds up acquiring, making him the target of star-spanning simian bad guy named Skunkape. The game will be rendered in 3D and looks to feature the humorous, puzzle-solving point-and-click gameplay of classic Sam & Max titles.

Brought to life by cartoonist Steve Purcell in 1987, the titular characters are a tough-talking canine and a loopy lagomorph who work together as freelance police. They shut down bizarre criminals in equally bizarre ways and have been cult favorites of gamers and comics readers for more than 20 years. After appearing in print comic books, TV shows and webcomics, it makes perfect sense that the fedora-wearing dog and whacked-out rabbit would wind up as episodic content on the iPad. Something about their stories seems to lend itself to chapter format, I guess.

At $9.99 a pop each month, Sam & Max might be a bit steep for a game on Apple’s portable platforms. But, Telltale’s got a great development pedigree that should ensure that the content warrants the price. We’ll let you loyal Techland readers now the verdict when we get our hands on “The Penal Zone.”