Get in on Lost Planet 2’s “Kill Big for Charity” Program

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Published by Capcom, Lost Planet 2 puts players on a hostile planet where the environment’s an enemy and every minute’s a struggle to survive. To help survivors of natural disasters in the real world, the company’s announced an innovative charity partnership where downloading the demo will increase contributions to the Music for Relief organization. Founded by Linkin Park, Music for Relief aids victims of earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters all over the world.

The first million demos downloaded will generate an initial contribution of $20,000 and the next 500,000 downloads bump up the funds to $5000. Players will then be eligible for a celebrity multiplayer tourney during the game’s launch party on May 6th. The winning team will be able to choose which cause the charity donation gets allocated to.

It’s a rare chance to have your headshots actually do some good so jump on to your console and grab the demo today. Get more details over at