Handsome Lenovo C200 All In One Computer Starts at $399

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Lenovo will be releasing the C200 all-in-one computer in the not-too-distant future. Like me, the computer is handsome, cheap, and moderately powerful.

Under the hood, there’s a dual core Atom D510 processor and optional NVIDIA ION add-in for up to 256MB of discrete graphics. The C200 features an 18.5-inch screen with an HD resolution and 16:9 ratio, along with a built-in DVD burner. Looks like it might make a nice, inexpensive computer for the den or rumpus room.

No official launch date except for “April” and the starting price of $399 looks like it’ll be without the NVIDIA ION chip since it’s listed as optional. Hopefully it won’t add too much to the price, though.

Lenovo also announced a new addition to its 10-inch netbook line with the IdeaPad S10-3s. It’s standard netbook fare with the slight twist of an interesting looking keyboard that Lenovo is touting as a “98% full-size chiclet keyboard” in the company’s press release. The S10-3s will be available in mid-April starting at $379.