Skate 3 Preview, Demo Launching Next Week

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Come April 15th, gamers everywhere will be able to get their hands on a sample of the next release in EA’s Skate franchise via a demo that’s hitting Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

In Skate 3, you’ll be playing as a skateboard legend who’s launching your own company and the game’s goal is to sell a million skateboards. You’ll do that by completing in-game challenges, including all new ones based on co-operative play. When playing with friends, you’ll be able to own sections of the city by maxing out scores or challenges. Once you do that, you and your crew will show up on that neighborhood’s billboards.

Skate 2 was one of my favorite games from 2008. I’ve never ever ollied a single day in my life but Skate 2 made me feel what it means when skaters talk about being creative with their tricks and style. Skate 3’s taking that creative impulse in another way with skateparks that individual players will be able to build and share via Xbox Live or PSN. If other players download and modify your park, you’ll earn board points that will help you get to that million-selling mark.

It’s unclear exactly which features will be in the Tax Day demo but, no matter what, I’m looking forward to pulling varial heelflips from the tops of parking garages.