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Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday, geek world. Here’s what’s going on in nerd news around the Web:

Blackest Night in 60 seconds: Chris Sims of Comics Alliance recapped the entire Blackest Night story line into a crayon-drawn comic strip that can be read in under a minute. (Read it here.) Hilarity ensued:

[via Comics Alliance]

Harry Potter Will Turn Your Children into Satan Worshipers, The PSA: Good golly, these never get old. Please take a few minutes to laugh heartily at the idiocy that is this video. (If this hurts your feelings, ask yourself why.) My favorite line concerns the FACT that reading Harry Potter to children will turn them on to demonic possession.

My favorite line: ” And we know that there’s such a thing as possession because Voldemort possesses the defense against the arts teacher in the book where he’s sucking the unicorn.” (Wait? What are you saying about the unicorn? Now that’s offensive.)

[via The Daily What]

They’re with Coco: Billboard company Lamar has donated the use of its giant screens to a real-time Conan O’Brien Twitter feed.

From Lamar’s blog:

Conan has lost his home and his rightful place on millions of screens across the nation.

His audience is also lost. Some are picking up the pieces of their lives, but many can’t. Some are too young to know this isn’t their fault: that they’ve done nothing wrong. So, until this talented, brilliant, voluptuously coiffed man has his show back, we shall offer him our screens.

His tweets will be displayed 22 feet wide on thousands of digital displays across this great land in the noble hope of putting a little Conan back in all of our lives. Lamar is with Coco.

[via Geekosystem]

Shit My Darth Says: This is a cute Twitter mash-up. Highlights:

“A good April Fools prank is sneaking up behind people who play April Fools pranks and beheading them with a lightsaber.”

“Oh I get it. ‘Master Vader’. Very funny. Know what else I think is funny? Throwing people down bottomless airshafts.”

[via @ShitMyDarthSays]

Nerdy Want: Avatar meets My Little Pony

[via Toycutter]

Fanboys vs. New Line: With this week’s release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray (theatrical release only), fanboys have stormed Amazon’s comment section, spewing hate. The argument: New Line is just out to make money by holding the release of the extended versions. Valid, but I think’s C. Robert Cargill makes some excellent points:

And people are using the word, “rage”. People feel justified in screaming and crying like children demanding the version THEY want, rather than, well, you know, the versions that made a Billion dollars a pop theatrically and outsold the Extended Editions by a large margin. I love that the Extended Cuts exist. I love that New Line has embraced that level of niche marketing. I especially love that there is a passionate, vocal fanbase still supporting what I believe to be one of the greatest films ever made (I consider the three as a whole; one single, perfect film.) What I don’t love is how that fanbase has acted over the release of a single product.


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