Johnston Reveals How Chris Evans Won the Role of Captain America

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Lots of Marvel news today.

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In an exclusive interview with Earth’s Mightiest, Director Joe Johnston revealed how Chris Evans won the coveted role of Captain America and Steve Rogers. Any Cap fan knows the transformation Rogers goes through to become Captain America is pretty drastic (he takes the Super Soldier Serum), but Johnston says Evans will play both roles from beginning to end.

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Casting Captain America is really casting two roles…Steve Rogers before and after the transformation from 98 pound weakling to perfect physical specimen. I can’t divulge how we’re going to do it, but the performance will be Chris Evans from beginning to end.

And Johnston says Evans didn’t even audition for the part. I guess Evans’ previous superhero work was enough for Marvel and Johnston from the get go. Check out the rest of the interview over here.

(via io9)

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