Exclusive: One-Sheet For Technotise

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My obsession with Aleksa Gajić and Darko Grkinić’s Technotise knows no bounds. I’ve gone as far as asking what few Serbian friends I have to ask their friends and relatives in the homeland to get their mitts on this comic and/or anime for me. It hasn’t quite panned out yet, but I’m still hopeful.

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In any case, we have some exclusive news to share with all of you about the upcoming live action adaption of the popular Serbian comic. The I Am Entertainment group is about a month away from shopping it around Hollywood and I’m told the unannounced writer attached to the project has been involved with two #1 hits over the course of the last twelve months. That could mean anything at this point since it was unclear whether those films were #1 for a weekend, a month or the #1 action movie of the year.

But that’s not the exclusive I really want to share with all of you. TECHLAND has the one-sheet for Technotise. At first glance you’ll notice a male protagonist and not Edit. Don’t worry, Edit will be in the movie, but she’s going to be joined by a few other male characters that undergo the same chip implant.

We’ll have more details on Technotise in the coming weeks.

And kudos to Jaime Issachar a.k.a. Hyzak for the great art work. He was also responsible for the fan-made Green Lantern poster.

Technotise Remake