James Cameron’s Avatar DVD Experience How-to: “Sit Close to the TV”

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In this new interview, James Cameron gets all chatty about Avatar‘s Earth Day DVD release and FOX’s plan to plant trees – oh yeah, and he gets to that whole 2D-only part, too.
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While talking with Sci Fi Wire, Cameron is realistic about the upcoming release of his mega-movie, and even throws in a few quips of his own when it came to recreating a theater spectacle experience at home. “I like to sit close so I can still have that simulated big screen experience.” Clearly, the guy knows that this film will not pack nearly as much punch minus an assist from 3D technology and towering screens, and I admire him for the honesty.

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Avatar drops on DVD and Blu-ray April 22, and though it’s sure to be a best seller, don’t expect it to be the version most fans are waiting for. Expected release dates for extended versions or the 3D DVD are still uncertain, though Cameron himself has been quoted saying that he expects them out within the next year. (And Netflix users, take note: Because of FOX’s recent deal with Netflix, you’ll be waiting an extra 28 days for your copy. Bummer.) Right now, priority is for the release of the director’s cut and the director’s cut only. His reasoning: Why mess with what made the money?

“It’s the movie hat’s the highest grossing film in history. It’s the movie that got nine Academy Award nominations. I don’t want to mess with it. Until I’ve established that in the market, then I will start experimenting around.”

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Cameron goes on to say that he’ll play mad scientist with the film by adding scenes (including back story), creating disk sets and releasing alternate versions of the film. He even hints at a version that will tack on 35 minutes – a nice little rumor we’ve heard before. But for now, we’re limited to the film’s theatrical release and aside from raking in more cash, Cameron says he hopes the film’s release will do a little to inspire fans to take a more active in approach in conservation.

“I’m not saying that Avatar will save the world,” he says. “I think that what Avatar has done for me is create a sense of duty on my part to take the opportunity in the moment in the spotlight and actually try to do some good.”

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