LOST S06E12 E-mail Chain: Boom Goes The Dynamite

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Season 6: Episode 12

Allie “Did you see the dinosaur?” Townsend: Where to start? I kind of liked Ilana, and I feel like her character didn’t really get a fair shake at the end, but I guess someone had to blow up. Also, who didn’t see that old “I’m gonna push you down the well” trick coming? Sheesh.

Peter “I’m back” Ha: That’s an excellent question, Allie.

I kind of expected someone to get blown up by that old dynamite. It’s happened on more than one occasion. You’d think they would have learned by now.

So the island is purgatory, right? All those voices are from folks who are trapped on the island and can’t move on.

All the realities are meshing together. Desmond is obviously the key as you pointed out last week because he knows what’s going on.

There’s constant dissension among the ranks. Am I the only one that finds this to be obnoxious?

Locke pushed Desmond into the well, why?

AT: No idea, but who didn’t love it when Desmond hit him with his car in the alt-reality? Push me down a well? I’ll hit you with my car.

I’m not really digging this purgatory thing, am I the only one? I just wanted our islanders to be in a greater position of power and decision. If they’re in purgatory, they are powerless, only waiting for judgment. Looks like some, like Michael, have been judged, while others (the seven?) are still waiting for their Oprah moment?

That said, I loved the Hugo-focus of the episode. The Hugo/Libby plot line was adorable. My question: What triggers the memories? Is it a near death experience? Is it finding their counterpoint? What is it? I NEED TO KNOW.

Mike “The New Guy” Williams: This better not be purgatory. The creators of this show have said since almost season one, episode one that the island isn’t Purgatory. Of course, it is obviously Purgatory for Michael. So, I can’t say. 

Desmond is the second to see both realities (after Charlie), although perhaps he’s the first to see both from each direction. And what happened to Faraday? Is he the one sending Desmond out to find the other Losties?

And how about Jack and Locke with the stare down of the century. I guess we’re finally getting into it. Is it Jack vs Locke in the main event we were all promised?