Kick-Ass: The Red Mist Interview, In Which An Evil McLovin Salivates Over Kick-Ass 2

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Yeah, it’s in my Netflix queue right now.

You haven’t seen it yet?!

I missed it! There was Christmas man, and then right before then we were all Avatar 24/7.

Oh man. But if you’re a movie guy, Avatar’s great but you gotta go and see this thing!

I feel bad about disappointing you –I’m going to let that sink in here for a second here.

No, its okay. I’m not really disappointed. It’s a very low-key film, not many people have seen it.

You know, I think just about everyone loves McLovin. At least everyone I talk to. What’s next on your plate?

Well, I helped with How to Train Your Dragon, which was fun. Voiceover work is so easy, you just show up in your pajama bottoms. And then there’s more voicework with Marmaduke. I have one more session with that. And then there are a few scripts that I have meetings for, but nothing else set in stone right now. Put in a good word for me if you hear about anything.

I know there’s already been some buzz about Kick-Ass 2. That there are ideas flowing, that they want to take things even darker…

Well, knock on wood that this one does well. I know that they’re getting ready to kick off Kick-Ass 2 the comic, and if this does well, I would definitely be up for a sequel. We all have verbal contracts that we’re in for it.

So you’d be game to come back to this?

Oh yeah, this is one of the best setups ever. And if there is a sequel, hopefully my character will be very, very, very evil.

You want to go evil, huh? What happened here to the guy we met in Superbad?

Oh yeah, I can go evil. I can do that in a heartbeat. I love movies that are so violent. Tarantino movies or Rob Zombie movies. I was kind of bummed out that I didn’t get to do more dark stuff in this movie.

So you want them to punch it up – get you with a chainsaw hacking apart zombies or something.

Yeah of course; that would be amazing!

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