Panel of the Week 4/14/10

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It’s that time true believers. The afterglow of Wednesday is fading and we’re all left with a sordid pile of geekery to be filed meticulously in long boxes or simply thrown on the ‘pile’. But before that, here is your Panel of the Week for just one last look into the wonderful and the strange.

Flash #1 Brightest Day
I really hate doing this but I had to include a scan that has a seem in it this week. What’s happening here is that an out of control car is hurtling at some bystanders. Flash decides to dismantle the car in mid air instead of just just moving the people. This is just silly. Flash has reached a point where he can effectively stop time. How is this guy ever losing a fight?

New Mutants #12 X-Men Second Coming Chapter 3
I’m not loving the pace of this Second Coming story arc. There’s plenty of action, sure. Now that half of the X-Men have the green light for old-fashioned murder there’s no lack of flying body parts. In fact, old Cannonball here laying out an armored anti-mutant soldier is just about the nicest thing anyone has done to anyone in three chapters. But if this story is going to be 14 chapters of Cable and Hope running and hiding in ditches I might save my $56 for something else.

Kill Shakespeare #1
I had one fear going into this book, that my pitiful knowledge of the works of Shakespeare would hold me back. I was fortunate enough to remember more of Hamlet than I thought I would (Thank you Lion King) but I don’t think I ever read Richard III. For example, in this final page of the first issue I know that those are the three witches of “Double double, toil and trouble” fame but I simply don’t know the woman holding the dagger? I feel like I should know this.

Ultimate Enemy #3
I understand that very early on in the life of Ultimate Nick Fury he was modeled after Samuel L. Jackson. With that likeness I can’t help but feel that writers of the super spy have had no choice but to also incorporate Sam’s voice. I can’t count how many times Ultimate Fury has spouted lines like the one pictured here. If I have to read this guy say basically, “I’m kinda of a big deal” one more time I’m just going to start calling him Ultimate Ron Burgundy.

Batman #698
Did everyone see this not-so-subtle homage to The Dark Knight Returns? I should hope so. It was drawn with all the subtlety of Chandler from Friends. See original below. Also in this issue was another appearance of the Quad-Bat, the giant-wheeled urban ATV. Between that contraption and the new flying Batmobile it’s a great time to wear the cape and cowl.