Two iPads Per Person, Per Lifetime?

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On a random whim, I went to the Apple store in NYC’s Meatpacking district to check out the latest MacBook refreshes. While waiting for the next available register, I overheard one of the sales associates telling a woman who wanted to purchase two 64GB iPads that she wasn’t allowed to. Why? Because she had already purchased two iPads from the 5th Avenue store an hour earlier:

“You’re only allowed to purchase two iPads in your lifetime, ma’am.”

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Maybe the associate figured the woman was trying to resell them for profit given the fact that iPads across the country are sold out in most locations. I’ve looked at the fine print on for iPad sales and it only says two iPads per customer. There’s nothing about a maximum of two iPads per person, per lifetime.

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And then another woman tried to purchase two 64GB iPads without an ID to which the associate denied her.

Is it really two iPads per person, per lifetime?

Update: We’re waiting to hear back from Apple.