“Batman” Accidentally Outs New Villain for Arkham Asylum Sequel

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According to Comic Book Resources, Kevin Conroy–the actor who’s voiced Batman in various animated series and last year’s hit Batman: Arkham Asylum game–let slip the identity of one of the Dark Knight’s major arch-nemeses who’ll be showing up in the upcoming Bat-game.  During a Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo panel on Conroy’s career, he apparently confirmed that Two-Face will be in Rocksteady’s second Arkham game. I may be a bit biased since Two-Face is my favorite Bat-villain (I’m a twin and the duality theme of Harvey Dent’s alter ego always hit home for me) but this is great news. Two-Face certainly counts as a top player in after the character’s marquee turn in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight but he was only referred to in passing in the first Arkham game. The CBR report also quotes Conroy’s description of the game, which he compares favorably to Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. For fans of twisted psychologically complex renditions of Batman and his world, this is good news. Remember this is the temporarily censored movie that had Joker brainwash Robin, only to die by the Boy Wonder’s hand. If Arkham Asylum 2 comes anywhere close to this movie’s tone, players will be in for a treat. Head on over to CBR for more on the Conroy panel.

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