LOST S06E13 E-mail Chain: I’m On a Boat!

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Season 06: Episode 13

Peter “This is getting good again” Ha: Did you think Sun and/or Jin were going to get zapped by the force field thingamabob?

So I get that the smoke monster takes the form of whoever shows up at the island in a box and that’s to manipulate the others. But is there another reason why he does that? Why can’t he just walk around as the MIB?

Why do they want Desmond dead?

Mike “That Guy” Williams: Force field zapping? Oh like when they were reunited? No that didn’t occur to me. What did really strike me is how much I don’t care about Sun or Jin.

I’m having trouble understanding what the rules are for when Smocke can just smoke up and murder people? It seems pretty indiscriminate.

Desmond is a dimension/time hopper. That is apparently too much of a threat for Smocke.

Do you even remember what it is that Sayid had agreed to do for his brother and his wife? He was going to settle a debt or something? I don’t care about alternate timeline.

PH: Yes, I’m clearly not interested in the show anymore. I just want it to end. JK.

You don’t care about Sun/Jin or alternate realities. What do you care about?

I’ve been wondering about Smocke, too. It’s pretty sporadic unless anyone else has recognized a pattern.

Desmond is all of those things but why does that matter to Smocke? He’s obviously a key figure in this story (or we’re lead to believe that) but why?

MW: I care about Jacob vs Man in Black. I care about the true nature of the island. By adding Jacob and MIB the creators have effectively devalued all the other characters.

Desmond obviously has the power to keep Smocke on the island in some fashion. He’s a threat.

Other things I noticed this episode:
– Smocke is far too cool to look at nearby explosions. He’s got radios to
smash dammit.
– I’ve realized that the entirety of this show is a group of people walking
somewhere. Followed by someone lying.
– Jack, apparently, is an olympic swimmer.

PH: Hahaha. So true. They’re always walking somewhere! It’s a never-ending cycle. Someone perks up their tail feathers and everyone follows. Then a bit of dissension arises and the group splits off. They get back together again and then someone else flies off the handle and pulls others into their group.

MW: Ok, last note. In the current issue of Wired (18.05) there is an article about Lost. It says quote, “When Lost leaves the airwaves on May 23, its creators have pledged never to speak of it again.”

If that sentence doesn’t fill you with dread then you are not a true fan of Lost. They might as well have said “You will be deeply unfulfilled by the ending of this show. You are cordially invited to suck it.”

PH: I’m shaking in my boots.