Fans Curse Drew Brees onto Cover of Madden NFL 11

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Say hello to the next victim of the Madden Curse. It’s real!

Quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints beat out Minnesota’s Jared Allen and Indianapolis’ Reggie Wayne to “win” a spot on the first ever fan-selected Madden NFL cover. He’ll appear on Madden NFL 11 boxes everywhere when the game comes out August 10th.

Now the only question is what will happen to Brees this upcoming season? At worst, he’ll be sidelined with a season- or career-ending injury. At best, he’ll have a poor season, statistically. Whatever the case, something bad WILL happen. Such is the will of the Madden Curse.

Now you can argue that the Madden Curse didn’t fully debilitate Larry Fitzgerald–Fitzgeralnd and Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu marked the first time that two athletes had been on the same Madden cover—but there’s no denying that Polamalu took the brunt of the curse in the form of an MCL sprain in the first game of the season, followed by a PCL injury later that season. Fitzgerald didn’t get injured and he had a pretty good season, but did you see those iHop commercials he was in? They were awful! You might say they CURSED his chances of appearing in any future commercials.

Anyway. Godspeed, Drew Brees. You’ve had a wonderful career.