Palm Begins To Waffle, Wants To Remain Independent

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Things can certainly change in the blink of an eye. After announcing that they were looking for a buyer less than two weeks ago, Palm now says it can survive on its own with “a strong pipeline of products” coming down the road, said Palm CEO John Rubenstein.

In an interview with the Financial Times Rubenstein remained confident that Palm could dig itself out of the red with a plan that gets them to profitability. Wall Street isn’t as optimistic with analysts projecting Palm to break-even in May of 2012m but only after burning through $534 million. Rubenstein went on to say that Palm is open to licensing its webOS software if the right “strategic relationship or business deal” comes along.

While the street value of Palm is hovering around $820 million, analysts at RBC Capital Markets say it could fetch up to $3 billion. I’m sorry. What?

In other news, Reuters is reporting that HTC has dropped out of talks with Palm citing lack of “enough synergies” to make it happen. If you know anything about webOS or Palm then you’re probably laughing your ass off with me right now. ZTE and Huawei are said to have left the table as well leaving Lenovo in the driver’s seat.