‘Switch’ Modular Pocket Knife Has 18 Attachments and 3 Sizes

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And here we have the last pocket knife you’ll ever need. The $68 “Switch” from crowdsourced product manufacturer Quirky features 18 different attachments that can be custom configured into three different knife sizes.

The small setting holds two to six tools, the medium setting holds four to 10 tools, and the large setting holds seven to 13 tools. All the attachments fit neatly into a little carrying case, as well.

Aside from the standard utility knife components (blade, scissors, file, screwdrivers, etc.) there’s also a wire stripper, pen, magnifying glass, LED flashlight and even a 1GB USB memory stick. The Switch can be disassembled with a plain old quarter, too.

Preorders are going for $68, after which the product will cost $80.