Updated Nook Software Features Web Browser and Games

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Barnes & Noble Nook, you take the lead in e-book readers this round. Amazon, we’re awaiting your counterpoint software update.

The Nook’s version 1.3 software update, available today, brings the following new features to Barnes & Noble’s e-book reader:

– Improved page turn speed.

– Updated home screen featuring new Web, Wi-Fi, Games, and Audio icons.

– Automatic connection to Wi-Fi hotspots in Barnes & Noble stores, plus the ability to read entire books for free while inside the store. You can only read free up to an hour, though.

– Basic web browser, currently in beta.

– Games! Currently chess and Sudoko. Very nice.

Nook owners can download the new software manually right now or wait for it to be pushed to the device automatically over the next week.